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Latest market Research On Marketing to Hispanic Men - US - December 2012

Marketing to Hispanic Men - US - December 2012

The attitudes of Hispanic men toward advertising and media and their shopping behavior are among the key issues discussed in this new report for Mintel. Hispanic men are loyal shoppers and are most likely to purchase clothing, food products, home electronics, and household products. However, advertising messages hold little sway over a majority of Hispanic men. 

This suggests that these messages lack relevancy, as many brands have done little to attract this consumer segment. Furthermore, Hispanic fathers are more likely to be the decision maker on product purchases than Hispanic men with no children. As Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to have children younger than 18 in the household, marketers possess a strong opportunity to grow brands of interest to both Hispanic men and their children

Table of Content

What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms

The market
Dollar sales stay steady while beer volume fluctuates
Figure 1: Total U.S. retail sales and fan chart forecast of U.S. beer market, at current prices, 2007-17
Market factors
Wine and spirits also attract curious alcohol drinkers
Consumers are cutting back on beer in the name of health
Figure 2: Top five attitudes and behaviors for reducing personal beer consumption, July 2012
Beer needs to encourage loyalty among growing population segments
Retail channels
Recession-shocked consumers prefer to drink beer at home
Figure 3: Total U.S. volume and dollar sales of beer, by location, 2012
Key players
Despite declines, most major brewers stick with packaging, marketing ploys
Figure 4: Market share of top five beer suppliers, by volume, 2011
The consumer
Dropping volumes do not keep domestic beer from top preference slot
Figure 5: Incidence and frequency of any personal beer consumption, by type of beer, July 2012
Women interested in low-calorie, affordable beer options
Figure 6: Important attributes when selecting beer, by gender, July 2012
Imported beer more likely to be an occasional beer selection
Figure 7: Incidence and frequency of beer consumption, by beer type, July 2012
Hispanics more likely to choose beers due to recommendations from peers
Figure 8: Beer drinking attitudes and behaviors on discovery and peers, by Hispanic origin, July 2012
What we think

What can continue to drive sales of flagship beer brands?
How can imported beer brands recapture momentum?
What tactics should be leveraged to encourage trial of new products?

Reposition domestic beer as premium with high-end innovations
Imported beer should take a cue from wine and go casual
Address calorie concerns with up-front labeling
Bring on-premise experience home with gift packs

Trend: Patriot Games
Trend: Secret, Secret
2015 Trend: Brand Intervention

Key points
Dollar sales performance masks volume dilemmas
Craft-beer-inspired innovations leading industry’s rebound
Sales and forecast of U.S. beer market
Figure 9: Total U.S. unit sales and forecast of U.S. beer market, in 000 2.25-gallon cases, 2007-17
Figure 10: Total U.S. retail sales and forecast of U.S. beer market, at current prices, 2007-17
Figure 11: Total U.S. retail sales and forecast of U.S. beer market, at inflation-adjusted prices, 2007-17
Fan chart forecast
Figure 12: Total U.S. unit sales fan chart forecast of U.S. beer market, in 000 2.25-gallon cases, 2007-17
Figure 13: Total U.S. retail sales and fan chart forecast of U.S. beer market, at current prices, 2007-17

Key points
Entire Millennial generation will be of legal drinking age in 2015
Figure 14: Population, by generation, 2012
Growth in Hispanic, Asian populations could buoy up beer performance
Figure 15: Population, by race and Hispanic origin, 2007-17
Figure 16: Hispanic population aged 21 or older, by age, 2007-17
Figure 17: Asian population aged 21 or older, by age, 2007-17
Beer faces stiff competition from wine and spirits
Figure 18: Type of white spirits and RTDs consumed in the past six months, by gender and age, July 2012
Figure 19: Consumption of dark spirits, by type, by gender and age, May 2012
Figure 20: Frequency of wine consumption, by type, by age, June 2012
Health concerns driving consumers away from alcohol
Figure 21: Obesity, by age group, 2008 vs. 2012

Key points
Wine poses biggest threat to beer
Spirits’ variety captures consumers

Key points
Volume declines plague beer, while dollar sales show annual growth
Domestic unable to crack the code while imported rebounds
Sales and forecast of U.S. beer market, by segment
Figure 22: Sales of U.S. beer market in 000 2.25-gallon cases, by type, 2007 and 2012
Warm weather fuels beer sales, seasonals could heat up cold periods
Figure 23: Beer sales by month, share of total, 2010-11
Figure 24: Beer drinking attitudes and behaviors, Seasonal beer, July 2012

Key points
Domestic beer market finding its way back to positive volumes
Sales and forecast of domestic beer
Figure 25: Sales and forecast of domestic beer, at current prices, 2007-17
Domestic’s subsegments provide landscape for growth
Figure 26: Total U.S. volume sales of domestic beer, by sub-segment, 2007-12
Annual declines do not prevent light beer from retaining its top spot
Figure 27: Usage—Light/Low-calorie beer, April 2007-June 2012
Figure 28: Mean usage—Light/Low-calorie beer, April 2007-June 2012
Light domestic beer appeals to men, but also should target women
Figure 29: Usage—Light/Low-calorie beer, by gender and age, April 2011-June 2012
Premium and popular beer brands take a hit, while ice beer avoids slips
Figure 30: Usage—Regular domestic beer, April 2007-June 2012
Figure 31: Mean usage—Regular domestic beer, April 2007-June 2012
Super-premium, craft, and FMBs lead domestic beer’s growth
Figure 32: Consumption of beer, by category, in 000 2.25-gallon cases, 2010-11
Small, but steady usage not enough to bolster malt liquor
Figure 33: Usage—Malt liquor, April 2007-June 2012
Figure 34: Mean usage—Malt liquor, April 2007-June 2012

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