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US Market In Bottled Water, Pet Food, Beauty Devices, In-store Bakeries, American Families And Dining Out, Soap Bath And Shower Products Industry Research Report March 2013

ResearchMoz.us include new market research report" US Market In Bottled Water, Pet Food, Beauty Devices, In-store Bakeries, American Families And Dining Out, Soap Bath And Shower Products Industry Research Report March 2013" to its huge collection of research reports.
Bottled Water

Countries covered: United States


Bottled water has been able to rebound from declines showcased during the worst of the economic downturn, but it still faces challenges, such as consumers being more likely to drink tap water than bottled water. However, bottled waters have been able to appeal based on taste, convenience, and value-added products. Manufacturers must continue to address these key issues in order to propel the growth in the category, which also faces competition from within due to the growth of flavored sparkling water.

Jennifer Zegler, Beverage Analyst

Some questions answered in this report include:

Has bottled water been able to rebound from its recessionary decline?
What are the lasting effects of bottled water’s eco-backlash?
Can sparkling bottled water continue to glisten?
What is enhanced water’s place in the new bottled water landscape?
How can bottled water capitalize on the growth of beverage mixes?

Pet Food


“According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pet ownership is on the decline since 2006. Due to a waning number of end users, marketers must consider ways to encourage pet food buyers to feed their pets a variety of new food/treats, tap into the underdeveloped elderly pet owner demographic, and drive interest for premium products and shopping experiences among key Hispanic pet owners.”

Molly Maier, Category Manager, Health, Household, Beauty & Personal Care

Some questions answered in this report include:
How can pet food marketers encourage trial of new pet food products?
What threat does the rise in the older consumer population pose to pet food sales?
How can the category grow participation among Hispanic pet owners?

Beauty Devices


The beauty devices industry has strong growth potential as consumers are motivated by getting professional results at home. However, the industry will face challenges in creating increased interest in and awareness of skincare devices as well as increased usage occasions for haircare appliances. Expanding the mass market skincare device segment as well as creating more versatile and customizable haircare appliances will be essential in driving future growth in the category.

Shannon Romanowski, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Some questions answered in this report include:

Skincare devices are a relatively new segment in the beauty category and are primarily available at high price points, putting them out of reach for many consumers. What is the skincare devices industry doing to expand its reach in the beauty category?
The majority of women use hair appliances, but frequency of use is relatively low and purchase cycles are quite long. How can hair appliances become a more integral part of women’s haircare routine?
One barrier to interest/usage of beauty devices is confusion about how to use these products and the benefits of using them. What measures can the industry take to minimize confusion and increase consumer interest and involvement in the category?

In-store Bakeries


A growing movement that calls for consumers to limit their intake of a number of key food ingredients, such as fat, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates, thought to be harmful to one’s health, threatens in-store bakery sales as consumers feel pressure to cut back on indulgence. However, in-store bakeries have the opportunity to respond with innovative better-for-you alternatives that cater to consumers’ demand for both health and indulgence.

Sarah Day Levesque, Food Analyst

Some questions answered in this report include:
How can in-store bakeries grow despite already high penetration?
How can the category respond to demand for healthier food products?
How will more food regulations affect in-store bakeries?

American Families and Dining Out


Today’s families seek a more casual dining experience than they have in the past. The stresses of the recession have made families more price conscious, and they also want dining experiences that are comfortable. Because of the proliferation of options around foodservice ordering methods (to go, carry-out, drive-thru, and delivery) and options of different foods (cuisine types and item types), families are rethinking their relationship with restaurants. Foodservice also serves the need of convenience for time-starved and non-kitchen-savvy consumers.”

Bethany Wall, Foodservice Analyst

Some questions answered in this report include:
How is the relationship between families and restaurants changing?
Do families need to dine in or is carry-out and delivery good enough?
What are the major drivers propelling families to a given restaurant?
Since kids eat out more, what role do restaurants play in obesity?

Soap, Bath and Shower Products


Changing habits have shown a decrease in the frequency of bathing and an increase in the frequency of showering, translating to a growth in the shower market. This is driven by time constraints and increased water bills but also an ageing population with mobility issues. Extending the shower category to offer greater benefits to the consumer, or even deliver pampering benefits associated with bathing, could grow the market further.

Roshida Khanom, OTC and Personal Care Analyst

Some questions answered in this report include:
How have changing bathing/showering habits impacted the market?
What are the claims opportunities for market?
How is own-label performing in this category?
How important are ingredients in this category?

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