Thursday, 18 July 2013

Airlines and Short-haul Holidays in UK include new market research report "Airlines and Short-haul Holidays in UK" to its huge collection of research reports.

Significant volume growth is unlikely in the key UK outbound leisure travel segment until there is a sustained revival in consumer confidence and growth in household income. Even then growth rates are likely to be modest compared with the pre-recessionary boom years. In the domestic market, outside of the dominant self-drive segment, there is an underlying shift towards domestic rail, which has become more competitive on cost and time with air travel, as well as offering businesses a greener and more CSR-friendly alternative.

Issues in the Market:
How can airlines respond in an era of high costs?
Is the UK falling out of love with budget airlines?
How can airlines best target the increasingly important over-55 population?
What is the best response to green ‘flying guilt’?

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Short-haul Holidays:
Allegations launched by the European Commission into Eurotunnel levying excessively high track access charges could also see passenger ticket prices fall – Eurostar currently pays Eurotunnel as much as £19 per passenger. The increased competition offered by Deutsche Bahn’s entry into the market could also serve to reduce cross-Channel ticket prices as both rail operators will be running direct services to Lille and Brussels.

Issues in the Market:
What are the prospects for short-haul rail travel in 2013/14?
How can the rail segment improve the appeal of packaged products?
How will economic recovery impact the short-haul holiday market?
What are the prospects for emerging destinations in 2013/14?

Trend Application:
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Prepare for the Worst
Mintel Futures: Access Anything, Anywhere

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