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MediPoint: In-Vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests Analysis Report At Researchmoz

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"MediPoint: In-Vitro Colorectal Cancer Screening Tests - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts".The report focuses primarily on quantitative
marketmetrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring Market.

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Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer, and the second most common cause of mortality amongst cancer patients. Prognosis is directly related to early diagnosis, with survival rates dramatically improved by early diagnosis and treatment. Thanks to the introduction of CRC screening programs, mortality in the developed countries is falling; however incidence continues to rise as a result of diet and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. While historically, colorectal cancer incidence in the developing world is low, in recent years, disease diagnosis rates have dramatically increased, as a result of changing lifestyles, awareness and improved access to medical services. CRC screening can improve survival rates, and reduce the overall cost of patient treatment.
Questions Answered in this Report
  • Colorectal cancer can be caused by somatic mutations as well as inherited mutations. These mutations lead to changes in the colon, that can be detected by detection of bleeding. But many of these mutations can be also be detected by genetic and other tests. How quickly will new gene tests be adopted by the CRC screening market??
  • What are the key differences in CRC screening carried out in different countries, and how will these differences affect adoption of new screening tests?
  • Existing CRC screening is based on inexpensive, but inaccurate stool analysis tests, or expensive but accurate endoscopies. The first DNA screening tests are expected to come to market in 2014, from Exact Sciences and EpiGenomics. Which new DNA-based screening test will win out ?
  • In-vitro CRC screening is a fast evolving technological area. How will change in technology affect sales of existing CRC screening tests? Who are the new players in CRC screening? How will patient attitudes affect the In-vitro CRC screening test market?
Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 
1.1 List of Tables 
1.2 List of Figures

2 Introduction 
2.1 Catalyst 
2.2 Related Reports

3 Disease Overview 
3.1 Colorectal Cancer 
3.2 Anatomy and Physiology 
3.3 Pathophysiology 
3.3.1 Histology 
3.3.2 Genetic Basis 
3.3.3 Etiology of CRC 
3.4 Clinical Presentation 
3.4.1 Symptoms 
3.4.2 Screening Overview 
3.4.3 Status of National CRC Screening Programs 
3.4.4 Diagnosis Overview 
3.4.5 Staging Colorectal Cancer 
3.5 Clinical Outcomes 
3.5.1 Treatment Paradigms 
3.5.2 Treatment Options Overview 
3.6 Epidemiology 
3.6.1 Global and Historical Trends 
3.7 Epidemiology Forecast (2012–2018) 
3.7.1 Total Incident Cases of Colorectal Cancer 
3.8 Economic Impact 
3.8.1 Individual Costs

4 Competitive Assessment 
4.1 Overview 
4.2 Fecal Occult Blood Tests 
4.2.1 Guaiac Fecal Occult Blood Stool Tests 
4.2.2 Lateral Flow Immuno-Fecal Occult Blood Tests 
4.2.3 Readers 
4.2.4 Immuno-FOB Test ELISA 
4.2.5 Immuno-FOB Agglutination Tests 
4.3 CRC DNA Screening Tests 
4.3.1 Panel DNA Tests 
4.3.2 Methylated Gene Testing 
4.4 Other Biomarker Tests 
4.4.1 Overview 
4.4.2 Tumor M2-PK Stool Test/2-in-1 Quick Test 
4.4.3 Transferrin Assays

5 Unmet Needs 
5.1 False Negative Results 
5.2 False Positive Results 
5.3 Sample Type 
5.4 Screening Compliance 
5.5 Alternative to Colonoscopy 
5.6 Accurate Early Staging of Colorectal Cancer 
5.7 Screening Test Alternatives 
5.8 Automation

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