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Retailer Loyalty Programs - US

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Retailer Loyalty Programs - US - August 2013".The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring Market.

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While consumers increasingly expect a personalized retailer experience, they are also worried about privacy and the use of their personal information. Transparency in data collection and usage is critical to building trust. Convincing them that data collected by retailers is being used to enhance the consumers’ program experience may go a long way to building better relationships.


Scope and Themes

What you need to know
Data sources
Loyalty program membership data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms

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Executive Summary
The market

Surge in loyalty membership, but slower growth in active participation
Figure 1: Total U.S. loyalty program memberships and active memberships, 2006-12
Specialty retailers took the lion’s share, followed by department and grocery stores
Figure 2: U.S. retailer loyalty program membership, by segment, 2010 and 2012
Market drivers
Economic recovery, however sluggish, favors retailer loyalty programs
Despite financial difficulties, youngest consumers continue to shop
Rise in mobile internet access likely to help program engagement
Growth in purchasing power, population and loyalty enrollment of minorities to benefit loyalty programs

The consumer
Loyalty program participation reflects where the consumer tends to shop
Price-based factors drive consumer recommendation
Loyalty program membership a catalyst to brand advocacy
Two in five members have room for more program participations
Easy reward redemption and point accumulation is important
Privacy is an important strategic tool in a loyalty program
Frustration with time required to earn rewards and the triviality of rewards offered creates barriers to engagement
What we think

Issues and Insights
  • The importance of relevant communications in loyalty engagement
  • The issues
  • The implications
  • The privacy paradox in personalized loyalty programs
  • The issues
  • The implications
  • Understanding the needs of Millennials should bring incremental values
  • The issues
  • The implications
Trend Applications
Inspire Trend: Cam Cam
Inspire Trend: Minimize Me
Mintel Futures: Access Anything, Anywhere

U.S. Loyalty Program Memberships
Key points
Loyalty memberships are on the rise but showing slower rate in active engagements
Figure 3: Total U.S. loyalty program memberships and active memberships, 2006-12

Market Drivers
Key points

Sluggish economic recovery favorable to retailer loyalty programs
Figure 4: U.S. consumer sentiment and unemployment rate, January 2008-June 2013
Youngest consumers shop in the face of economic woes
Rise in mobile internet access to facilitate program engagement
Minority’s spending power may lead to more active engagement in loyalty programs
Figure 5: Population, by race/Hispanic origin, 2008-18

Retailer Loyalty Programs—by Retail Sector
Key points

Figure 6: U.S. retailer loyalty program membership, by segment, 2010 and 2012
Specialty retailer loyalty programs
Figure 7: Total U.S. specialty retailer loyalty program membership, 2006-12
Department store loyalty programs
Figure 8: Total U.S. department store loyalty program membership, 2006-12
Grocery store loyalty programs
Figure 9: Total U.S. grocery store loyalty program membership, 2006-12
Drug store loyalty programs
Figure 10: Total U.S. drug store loyalty program membership, 2006-12
Mass merchandiser and warehouse club loyalty program
Figure 11: Total U.S. mass merchant loyalty program membership, 2008-12
Restaurant loyalty programs
Figure 12: Total U.S. restaurant loyalty program membership, 2006-12
Fuel/c-store loyalty programs
Figure 13: Total U.S. fuel/c-store loyalty program membership, 2006-12

Innovations and Innovators
Key points

Target REDcard: Straightforward savings with no points to convert to rewards
Walgreens: Mobile engagement through an app Partnering rewards program with major retailers
Nordstrom: Attracting loyalty program members by decreasing spending requirements
My Lowe’s: Sharing data with the customer to assist with projects
Amazon Prime: Poised for future growth despite possible losses
MyPanera: Learning customer preferences to personalize rewards
Jamba Juice: Refillable gift cards with a fundraising tie-in
Belly Bites: Loyalty programs for small-to-medium businesses
Target’s Cartwheel: Loyalty engagement through social media
Loyalty Cloud: providing small businesses with consumer spending information through credit cards

Marketing Strategies
Key points

Strategy: Simple ways to redeem rewards, earn points, and access to exclusive deals
Starbucks offers members exclusive deals and ease of earning points via email
Figure 14: My Starbucks Rewards email promotion, July 2013
Walgreens offers cash and other “Just for You” rewards
Speedway highlights fast track to redeeming points
Strategy: Emphasis on better overall value for exclusive members
Strategy: Offering rewards across noncompetitive channels
Giant Food Stores rewards points on discount for gas price
Figure 15: Giant Food Stores online ad, July 2013
Kmart’s partners with Procter & Gamble in facilitating loyalty engagement
Figure 16: Kmart online banner ad, July 2013
Mail promotion on gas savings for Walmart Credit Card members
Figure 17: Walmart Credit Card loyalty mailing promotion, May 2013
Strategy: Awarding points just for interaction
Figure 18: Gilt Insider promotional ad, July 2013
Strategy: Offering rewards through sweepstakes
Strategy: Rewards program as a single prong of overall retailer marketing appeal
Walgreens embodies wellness program in its brand marketing campaign
Figure 19: Walgreens television ad, “First timers,” January 2013
Sports Authority’s loyalty program as a piece of the marketing appeal
Figure 20: Sports Authority television ad, “Sports Authority’s The League: Baseball,” February 2013
Strategy: Leveraging retention via new store credit card memberships
Macy’s entices new credit card holders with 15% off discounts
Figure 21: Macy’s Star Rewards online promotion, July 2013
Toys “R” Us promotes credit card memberships through prequalification
Figure 22: Toys “R” Us Credit Card acquisition mailing promotion, March 2013
Retention on retail credit card loyalty programs soliciting through direct mail
Figure 23: Retailer Loyalty retention mailing pieces sent, by month, January 2011-June 2013
Strategy: Engaging members in multichannel communications
Safeway’s customized approach to its mobile app provides digitized coupons and grocery list, as well as personalized deals

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