Thursday, 6 June 2013

Global and China Elevator Industry Report, 2013 Available on include new market research report" Global and China Elevator Industry Report, 2013" to its huge collection of research reports.
Against the sluggish European elevator market and the slowly recovered American elevator market, China achieved the elevator output of 529,000 in 2012, up 17.56% year on year; though the growth slowed down, China still ranked first in output around the globe.

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In 2012, Chinese elevator industry characterized the followings:

Multinational elevator companies have accelerated their expansion in China. Unlike the weak economic growth in Europe and America, the Asian elevator market, especially Chinese elevator market, has maintained moderate growth, so multinational elevator brands have been speeding up their expansion in China.
The service market has become a target for elevator enterprises. In the wake of the growth slowdown of elevator output and sales volume as well as the increasing elevator number, the elevator aftermarket presents a promising outlook. The service only contributes 3%-15% to the revenue of Chinese elevator manufacturers, while up to 40-55% to multinational corporations.
Indemnificatory housing will be a future growth engine. China’s construction plan of 36 million indemnificatory apartments largely offsets the negative impact incurred by the declining investment growth in commercial real estate. In 2012, China finished 6.01 million indemnificatory apartments and started building 7.81 million ones, overachieving the tasks stipulated in early 2012.

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