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Global Baby Care Products Market 2007 - 2017 : include new market research report" Baby Care Products Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth And Forecast 2007 - 2017" to its huge collection of research reports.

Baby care products market is comprised of baby skin care products, baby hair care products, baby bath care products, baby diapers, baby perfumes / fragrances, and baby convenience and safety products. These products are broadly categorized under baby cosmetics and toiletries products and baby safety and convenience products. The baby cosmetics and toiletries market was the larger market segment with a revenue share of 92.2% in 2011. The segment will further consolidate its position with 93.2% market share in 2017. The global baby care cosmetics and toiletries market was worth USD 41.3 billion in 2011 and is expected to reach USD 62.3 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 7.1% from 2011 to 2017.

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The baby care product market growth is largely fueled by the growing baby population in developing nations, where the disposable income of parents have also increased considerably at the same time. Moreover, the average age of parents across the globe has also increased in past few years. Higher aged parents are considered to be financially more stable and hence have more money to spend on their baby’s care and convenience. In addition, growing number of women entering into mainstream workforce has helped the baby care market to grow, as the average disposable income of the family has grown. Baby care market has also witnessed a growing trend in baby specific products, especially baby cosmetics, which are organic in terms of ingredients used and poses no threat to baby’s health.

Key factors that influence parents’ decision while purchasing baby care productsinclude health benefits, convenience, and organic aspects. Our analysis indicates that once babies are above two yearsof age, they start developing a preference for baby care products and thus begin influencing the decision of parentsas what product to purchase.
Baby skin care and toiletries are major segments of baby care market with high market share and positive future outlook. Currently, baby hair care segment has small market penetration, however is expected to grow healthy in near future. Baby sun care segment is relatively small market, as parents refrain from taking their baby into direct sunlight often. Increasing trend of using shower gel as preferred bath product for babies is creating positive future outlook for this segment.

In 2011, P&G maintained its baby care product market lead position with more than 2/5thof the overall global baby care market revenue share. P&G’s flagship brand Pampers accounted for revenue in excess of USD 9 billion in 2011. This single brand of the P&G matched the collective revenue generated by the next three nearest competitors of the company. Kimberly-Clark stayed at the second place largely due to steady performance by its diaper brands; Huggies, Pull-Ups and GoodNites.

Stakeholders may find the market entry barriers to be at the higher side for baby skin care products, because of high product development costs. Some common entry barriers for all product categories are the stringent legislations regulating the commercialization of baby care products, and the numerous clinical trials required. Baby toiletries is expected to have the lowest entry barriers because this face less regulatory issues and the development costs are relatively less than the other baby care products.

This research is specially designed to estimate and analyze the demand and performance of baby care products in global scenario. This research provides in-depth analysis of baby care product manufacturers, product sales, trend analysis by segments, and demand by geography. The report covers all the major product segments of the global baby care market and provides in-depth analysis, historical data and statistically refined forecast for the segments covered. The study presents a comprehensive assessment of the stakeholder strategies and winning imperatives for them by segmenting the global baby care market as below:

Baby Massage Oil
Body Lotions
Baby Powder
Baby Shampoo and Conditioner
Bubble Bath/Shower gel
Waterproof Nappy/Disposable Diapers
Training Nappy
Baby Wipes
Baby Fragrances / Perfumes
Natural and organic baby care products
Baby car seats
Baby strollers

In addition the report provides a cross-sectional analysis of all the above segments with respect to following geographical markets:

North America
EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa)
Latin America

The in-depth research and high level analysis will allow baby care product manufacturers, lawmakers, large retailers, pharmaceutical companies, research and development agencies and herbal product manufacturers to make informed decisions about baby care products manufacturing, designing marketing and growth strategies and gaining competitive advantage.
For the research report, we conducted in-depth interviews and discussions with a wide range of key industry participants and opinion leaders. Primary research represents the bulk of our research efforts, supplemented by extensive secondary research. We reviewed the key players’ product literature, annual reports, press releases and relevant documents for competitive analysis and market understanding. Secondary research also includes a search of recent trade journals, technical writing, internet sources, and statistical data from government websites, trade associations and agencies. This approach has proven to be the most reliable, effective and successful approach for obtaining precise market data, capturing industry participants’ insights, and recognizing business opportunities.

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